Dairy and beef genetics

Holstein, Jersey and other dairy breeds. Independent global access to genetics. Qualified dairy products of meat and pure meat breeds from global suppliers.

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Powder milk

The international network of powder milk producers. Do you know why you buy this product and if is it the best product for your calves?

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Cattle health products

High-quality pharmaceutical product under own brand. Treatment without antibiotics.

Health products

Business model of Cowazon

The global dairy world is becoming more and more consolidated. Suppliers compete and their competition is manifested in prices, delivery terms, quality level, and product reliability. Enormous competition has led to large marketing expenses throughout the global industry. All at the expense of the final buyer. Dairy or meat farmer.

Cowazon’s business model is simple and straightforward. What we do is negotiate on behalf of our customers with global suppliers. Our clients benefit from our large purchasing network, allowing us to get the best prices for our clients anywhere in the world. What we don’t do is buy and sell goods like traders. We simply connect buyers and sellers. Cowazon does not have a large staff and does not spend huge amounts of money on marketing, travel, and customer entertainment. We keep our engine running by charging a small fee for our services.

The Cowazon model has proven to be extremely effective, reducing costs for our customers and offering a more efficient route to market for suppliers. Better products for less money! Cowazon is independent and does not represent any supplier on an exclusive basis.


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