Hands-on experience in the international dairy business

Our approach is built on trust and relationships. We would never have been able to build this company if we did not have the trust of the people that we are working with today. We believe trust is something you do not deserve, and you have to earn it every day again. At Cowazon we are deeply committed to building on our current relationships and continuing to grow our network of buyers and sellers in the dairy industry.

The global dairy business is evolving rapidly. Data and high-tech are becoming mainstream for farmers to run their businesses. We understand the technology, and we know cattle and genetics. That is what makes us unique.

Our background is in dairy, from raising calves and milking cows to cow judging and selling and buying cattle and genetics. We have worked on all continents across the globe. We have an extensive global network in both dairy and beef genetics.

Not one bovine farmer in the world is the same. Each has his or her own unique way of success. Different breeds, conventional or sexed semen, robot milking, parallel or herringbone, genomics, or proven bulls, each customer is unique and Cowazon values them all.

We advise our clients on what genetics best suit their needs. Cowazon is not involved in buying or selling semen for its own account. All transactions are strictly under the instruction of Cowazon clients only. This keeps our focus on our clients and is independent of any supplier.

Cowazon wants to be a linking pin between global genetic suppliers and large semen buyers throughout the world. Regardless of breed and genetic needs, we aim to provide the genetics our clients prefer to buy for the best price and service possible.


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