Do your cattle get the genetics they deserve?

The global dairy industry has been dominated by North American genetics for decades. Holstein and Jersey genetics account for the majority of milk produced worldwide. Most of these genetics originate directly or indirectly from North American cows. Technology has enabled breeding organizations across the world to get access to these genetics in their own country. That’s why Cowazon believes that in choosing the best genetics for your herd, the world is now your search platform.

At Cowazon we combine our global network of breeding organizations with our network of large semen buyers. We bring them together and align the needs of dairy farmers worldwide. We do this in an independent modus where we source genetics for our clients. Where needed, we will be able to advise or strategize purchases.

Cowazon believes that any dairy farmer should buy only those genetics that fit best to his or her cows, regardless of semen supplier or country of origin of the genetics. Cowazon helps dairymen to get access to these genetics at prices that are affordable and, in most instances, substantially lower in comparison to what they are used to paying for similar genetics.

The Cowazon product offering consists of:

-Genetics of various dairy breeds

-Conventional and sexed semen (male sexed on request)

-Proven and genomic genetics

-Global suppliers


Unleash the power of genetics in your beef cattle

The global beef industry has grown tremendously in recent years due to the growth of beef on dairy cows. Also, increased focus on sustainability and carbon footprint requires our industry to re-invent and innovate how beef is produced.

In recent years, breeding organizations have realized the enormous potential to improve genetics in beef cattle. New programs are being developed to track better and trace the offspring of beef animals. The growth in the use of beef bulls on dairy cows, especially in the USA and Europe, only has added more focus on accelerating genetic progress in beef genetics. 

Cowazon has access to the best beef programs worldwide for selecting those beef genetics that fit your farm. Historically dairy farmers would spend little time selecting a beef bull, and any bull would get the job done to produce a calf of higher value. Breeding organizations have realized the urgent need to focus on this new market that offers a wealth of opportunities for sustainable beef production. Cowazon has liaisons with a USA-based beef improvement program focused on increasing value for dairy farmers by using selected beef x dairy genetics for their dairy cows. 

For breeders of beef cattle or breeding organizations, we can help them grow their global marketing presence and offer their genetics to our global customers. 

The Cowazon product offering consists of:

-Beef genetics of various beef and beef x dairy breeds

-Conventional and sexed semen (male sexed on request)

-Proven and young bulls

-Global suppliers


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