Cowazon sources products directly from the factory and ships directly to its clients. We strive to keep the supply chain from factory to farm as short as possible. As with all other products, Cowazon benefits from its large global purchase power in its milk powder offerings. All pricing stays as close as possible to the international market developments. In doing so we can ensure our client’s have accurate and fair pricing policies. For forward pricing please contact us. 

In speaking with our clients, we learned that calf raisers often lack knowledge in selecting the best products for their calves. Choosing between whey-based or skim milk-based product makes a huge difference in product quality and prices. The same goes for fat and protein content in the milk replacer. Does your milk replacer have a fat/protein content of 20/16 or 22/20 or any other number? Do you know why you buy this product and if this is the best product for your calves?

Our specialists are happy to help our customers select the right product for their cattle. 

Below is a selection of our high-selling milk powders. For advice or different product constitutions, please send us an inquiry.


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